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   In the face of climate change, a new breed of architects is emerging: conscientious, fearless, and adept in sustainable construction. We proudly count ourselves among them, constantly exploring innovative methods to design and build for a carbon-free world.
   We hold that a sustainable building should be distinct, reflecting the essence of its time as masterpieces of modern architecture have done. Green buildings should not only function sustainably but also make a bold aesthetic statement.
   Our projects, such as the Dune House, Lilly, and the Earth Fold, exemplify this philosophy with their striking designs. These structures do more than just contribute to the built environment—they propel the discourse on sustainable design forward, embodying the brave new era of architecture.
   Currently, our Lot 60 house in St. Croix is under construction, and we eagerly await the arrival of the first photographs, anticipating another powerful testament to our vision of the future.

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