Earth Fold: Off-the-grid passive house designed for a Catskill Mountain site in Upstate New York

   Earth Fold is an off-the-grid passive-house in Upstate NY for a private client inspired by earth-sheltering techniques of the Earthship Houses in Nevada developed by early pioneers of the green movement. Earth Fold is 2800 sf, completely submerged yet spacious, bright, cozy, quiet and visionary. Earth Fold is the future of single-family housing for the educated and the conscientuous. 

    Earth Fold is cast in concrete with steel framed pavilions, insulated by earth, powered by solar panels and a geo-thermal system, a self-sufficient earth ship home inspired by pioneers of green construction. Earth Fold unfolds the future of housing.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Rima Askin

Dom Wipas




Schematic Design