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Selim Vural, AIA, founder

Selim is a Turkish-American architect living in NY since he came to pursue his master's degree in Architecture in 1993. After his graduation from Pratt Institute, he worked for a number of prominent firms including Eisenman Architects, SOM and Swanke Hayden Connell before forming his own.

Selim received his undergraduate degree at Istanbul's iconic Mimar Sinan Academy where he studied under professor Cengiz Eren and his father Oral Vural. In addition to his contemporary American training, he studied Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, which still influence his work today.
Selim lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son. He loves gardening, fishing, cooking, reading and playing Fortnite with his son.

Individuals make a difference, but a team makes miracles. 


Kerry Robertson
Creative Director

Kerry brings her extensive experience in art direction from Conde Nast Traveler and Oprah Magazines, guiding all marketing and visual representation strategies at Studio Vural. She has a keen eye on font, color, texture and composition which makes us go to her for interior design as well. 

Rima Askin
Project Architect

Rima is our veteran designer and project manager working with Studio Vural since 2015. She is well-versed both in interiors and sustainability with a Master's degree from Pratt Institute in NY. Rima loves cats and hates cold weather which makes her the perfect candidate for remote working. 

Ceren Kalayci
Junior Architect

Ceren is our full-time remote staff working from Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from MEF University and applied for an internship at Studio Vural. Her talent and seamless adaptation to our work flow makes her a valuable asset.

Dom Wipas
Rendering specialist

Dom is our master renderer and visual representation expert with a keen eye on materials, lighting, perspective, textures and all what makes architectural renderings communicative and impressive.

Ayca Yildirim

Ayca is from MEF University in Istanbul doing her internship in our office for summer 2022. She is hard working, talented and contagiously upbeat. We are training her on all aspects of interior design projects and soon she will work on detailing and construction drawings. She loves to cook, another incentive for a kitchen in our office.

Vandana Ranjan

Vandana is our administrator and financial coordinator who makes sure we get paid. (Therefore, she holds the golden seat in the office.) A librarian by training and experienced in real estate makes her background a special asset to our firm.

She loves Indian Classical music and teaches us about Bhagavad Gita at times. Vandana hates pets so no office pet so far.


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