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"Lilly", a Passive-Tower envisioned for the southern edge of Bryant Park.

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Lilly is a passive-tower designed for Bryant Park in Manhattan, a sustainable prototype for the future of our cities. Lilly eliminates conventional heating and cooling via a geo-thermal system, provides heat-exchanging natural ventilation, irrigates an insulating blanket of Asian lilies through rainwater harvesting. She is comprised of 18 floors of apartments and 23 floors of office space with multiple amenities along with utility spaces. In addition to being sustainable, Lilly looks sustainable with its massive green roof/facade, engineered to withstand the elements with proper maintenance. 

At a total of 265, 000 sf, Lilly offers diverse sustainable spaces with extremely low-energy costs. The initial surcharge of green construction at $200 million is calculated to pay back in 14 years through massive energy savings. As in all successful sustainable projects, Lilly is worth the investment.

As architects, politicians, developers and consumers, we must realize Lilly is not only the future, but also a necessity, a much-needed fresh breath for our cities. If our civilization can produce yachts for oligarchs at $800 million, it can surely build Lilly at $200 million. (And the people behind her realization will be remembered as heroes and pioneers)


Bryant Park, Manhattan

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Ceren Kalayci

Ayca Yildirim

Dom Wipas




Schematic Design

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