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Lot 60 House - Knoldheim: an off-grid house in St. Croix USVI

A visionary eco house with a lush green roof has been designed and detailed in our studio. LOT 60 House a.k.a. Knoldheim is a 6000-sf single-family house with separate pavilions for family stays and long-term rentals. The structure is made of concrete clad with bamboo slats in sections and is fit to carry the loads of the green roof which is engineered with lightweight growth medium. A rigorous solar system provides power through three15kw inverters and four 500 lbs. batteries. Our client did not want any fossil fuels on site, so there is no generator; a bold commitment we fully support. Being in a dry zone with no water utility, there is a 75, 000-gallon cistern supplying the house along with a 5000-gallon gray water cistern for irrigation. 
Lot 60 is here and now, and it is a realistic prototype for future of single-family homes, InshaAllah. 

Principal Architect

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Ayca Yildirim

Toprak Sahin

Efecan Zeybek

Rima Askin

Ceren Kalayci 

Dom Wipas

2023 construction drawings are complete, and the project is being examined by the STX planning board. 

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