Turkish Consulate New York
UN Plaza Towers Interiors

Turkish Consulate NYC is a high-volume interior design project in a 40-storey tower located at UN Plaza, Manhattan. The architecture is executed by Perkins Eastman and construction by Tischman Construction.

Our role in the project was to select, appropriate and fit-out every single furniture in it's proper place, (that makes 2997 pieces of furniture) ensuring colors, materials and textures all blend seamlessly with each other and their architectural environment. This even included flying to Turkey in the midst of Covid and live in a furniture factory for 2 weeks, making it memorable story for generations to come. Enjoy the interiors of the Turkish Consulate a.k.a Turk Evi NYC.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Rima Askin

Ceren Kalayci