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Tokyo Music Hall

URBAN STAGE is a canopied urban plaza, as opposed to a conventional solid mass. Our project buries half the program which is mostly the auditorium below and creates the urban landscape above by elevating the rest of the program. In support of our programmatic burial we create a DUAL STAGE which serves both the lower, private auditorium and the higher urban stage, initially inspired by traditional Japanese stages.

URBAN STAGE is the heart of our project, an "anime"ted urban landscape directly serving the most populated street scape in the world. It opens up to Takeshite street, and elevates up, as in a Greek Amphitheater to generate an audience setting, whether theatrical or recreational.
In our project THE CITY IS THE THEATER. It derives from the city, serves the city and lives with the city, diminishing the building form to an URBAN STAGE.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Leonardo Dias



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