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Toby's State LIC - a cafe in an empty-shell townhouse


A bespoke espresso bar with hand-selected marble slabs, walnut planks and cement tiles that come together with custom millwork in LIC. Toby's Estate at the time, Partners Coffee now, the cafe is still thriving with a large following. The 

The space is a 4 story high brick and wood joist building with floor slabs stripped off, leaving the interior as a hollowed-out shell. It truly is a unique space resultant of landlords selling floor area to each other. ​ Our design objective was to preserve the exposed high ceilings and the raw spirit of the space, creating an elegant interior crowned by an artful espresso counter. ​ We hand selected the marble slabs for the counter and developed a 4-layer bullnose edge, a rare detail in stone fabrication that created a smoother, softer transition at the customer side.  Layered walnut strips were molded and curved around the corner which was another unique detail of the counter which was completed with a patterned cement tile base on the floor. Partners Coffee is an adventure to visit if you are into good coffee and architecture. 

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Anastasia Shesterikova







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