Seoul Ferry Terminal

 Korean Dragon as  a mythological symbol of  water with life-giving powers.  As the modern city meets the river at Yeoui-naru, our project becomes the architectural embodiment of this meeting, generating lush landscaping, boardwalks, recreation and sheltered outdoor plazas crowned by the dynamic flow of the ferry terminal situated above the 100 year flood zone.

The ferry terminal is a hovering truss, one foot in the city, the other in water. It acts as a hollow tube connecting passengers to the pantoon at the lower level, and the cafe & observatory at the upper. The offices and services are simply behind the main space.  Spatial experiences of the boardwalk, the observatory and the pontonn are unique encounters with the city and the dynamic architecture of the terminal. The terminal itself is an architecture of transition, where dynamic architectural signs direct, convey and situate the passengers. The Dragon's Den is designed to be a global landmark of the future, with powers of the past. It is an urban sculpture that can speak the language of a little boy and an emperor at the same time.


O' Boy, nine red balloons afloat
The dragon has awakened
Warm milk shall blacken at last
Climb the blooming lotus
A frog jumps..., lazy.
Water erased him this time. Huh!
Through your window in Yeoui-Naru
Ride that dragon O' Boy, 
If Time had a color.... would it be blue?

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Par Bratt