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Lowerline Poboys - New Orleans Poboy shop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Our restaurant design Lowerline transforms a 10'by 40' store into a Po'boy machine! Lowerline has successfully survived the pandemic and is back open on Washington Avenue in Crown Heights. It is known in the design profession that designing small spaces is much harder than designing bigger ones. We experienced this first-hand in the case of Lowerline. Comprising all functions of a full-kitchen restaurant, and making the venue function well with a great look was one of the hardest challenges.
Kudos to the chef's amazing food and management skills, Lowerline's longevity and success are living proof of our accomplishments as designers. Kudos to our team. 

Special design features were a mahogany bar counter with a majestic custom mirror in the back and a meticulously designed light box that compliments the bar with hues of mint green. Four ceiling boxes above the kitchen and the bathroom made up for the lack of storage space, a solution our client cherished. Geometric cement tiles and industrial lighting tied the design together, bringing the NOLA spirit to Brooklyn in its fresh, unique style. 

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Federica Saivoa






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