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Lokum Miami A Mediterranean Restaurant in Miami

    Lokum Miami is a Turkish restaurant located at the pulsing intersection of Lincoln and Alton roads in Miami Beach. The menu is a rich combination of Turkish & Greek cuisines with cold and hot mezes, amazing breads to go with light vegetable and meat plates.

    Our design was inspired by the image of a "gulet" which is a typical wooden Mediterranean sailboat, cruising along the shore at a tranquil sunset. The warm colors of the ceiling were balanced with cool Cuban tiles on the floor, evoking the constant interplay of blazing sun & the cool sea, a quintessential natural phenomenon of the Mediterranean shores. To resolve the 22' high ceiling problem, we designed elegant light boxes in walnut, hung by red marine rope to the ceiling. The boxes hover over the dining hall, creating spatial definition and regulating the oversized ceiling height.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA




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