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Konrad Espresso Bar A cutting-edge Espresso Bar for a Soho incubator

    When we design for Third Wave Roasters we go rustic, for a tech company we went space ship, not only because our client wanted it, but because that is what cutting-edge technology called for. We do live in a tech driven world, we are glued to our screens where everything from tomatoes to poems flow through our screens. Our client Konrad Group, as a digital-branding, app-coding company represents this condition and so does our design in their first NYC office.

    This is our design for their unique espresso bar, a future-looking design in a Soho incubator, that keeps staff motivated by foamy coffee extract flowing through a 30k machine. The Konrad project is our salute to a tech / organic marriage, it is design flowing through digital circuits, finding its home in a solid black marquina, gliding over a white oak base, like a space ship lands on its newly discovered planet. Konrad is a first.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Monika Czarnecka



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