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Air France VIP Lounge - a world-class lounge renovation for a world-class airport

Studio Vural and our design-build team took on a challenging project at one of the busiest lounges in the world. Air France lounge has multiple seating areas and cafes that serve customers at a high level. Our team successfully completed all interior design elements and built-in furniture, including their fabrication and installation, while conforming to a rigorous Air France global standard. We revitalized and reupholstered %90 of the upholstery, matching it to the existing color palette. 
Our high level of services and fabrication led to another project on the same floor, namely the Lufthansa Star Alliance Lounge. The picture below shows the start of an ongoing upgrade of this distinct lounge with standards no lower than Air France.
In both cases, our knowledge of hospitality and air travel enabled us to solve complex problems with resourceful solutions. 

2022-12-23 09.41.26.jpg
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