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HYBRID HOUSE - a sustainable single-family home for the remote worker

Hybrid House: A spec house prototype designed by Studio Vural for the Hudson Valley is being developed with a nod to the first Passivhaus built in Germany in the 90s. 
Hybrid House is a clever hybrid design using prefabricated components to bring down cost and a combination of utility and off-grid energy systems to reduce the carbon footprint. It's a stylish, streamlined design for the remote-working city dweller looking to explore country living in a contemporary setting. 
If you are one of those buyers, let us know, since land is being purchased for the first bundle of houses to be sold in 2025.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA




Under Development


Design team

Rima Askin (design & drawings)

Toprak Sahin (design)

Renderings and Animation:

Efecan Zeybek (design & renderings)

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