Highpoint is an American Bistro located on 7th avenue between 22nd and 23rd streets in Manhattan. The ground floor is 2000 sf and the cellar is 750 sf. Studio Vural was commissioned for interior design and architectural services for a 350sf kitchen; 74 seat dining hall, 18 seat bar, and an amazing 32 foot long mural designed by the prominent British illustrator Miles Donovan.

Our primary goal was to create a unique atmosphere by transforming the historical American Bar & Grill typology, (oak bar counter and classical wood details) into a gridded modern space with stunning graphics, sharp geometric lines balanced with casual, comfortable finishes. The wood space frame, which we called "the trellis", was designed to define the bar territory while providing bar storage and structuring the backlit mural boxes.
With historical references and contemporary spirit,
Highpoint is our prototype of the new American Bistro, unique in its balance between modernity and tradition.
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