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Goldstein Optical - Optical Store in Manhattan

Ron Goldstein optical is a prominent optical store and examination laboratories in the Upper East Side, Manhattan. Studio Vural was hired as the design office to generate an interior concept, lighting scheme and construction drawings for the 2200 sf renovation.

Upon entering the store, one is immediately under the impact of dynamic ceiling boxes, layering the space towards the storefront. The reception desk right infront of the entry door becomes a harmonious part of the ceiling boxes, weightlessly floating in space and welcoming the customers. The rest of the surfaces are gridded with elegant white oak and african wenge trimwork where rich wall coverings fill in the grid modules. A combination of focal and ambiant light fixtures envelop the space with well proportioned accents.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Giulia Guida

Elif Fotocan

Ekrem Sungur



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