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Fine Arts Gallery   University of Arkansas, Fayetville

The Fine Arts Gallery Installation was designed for the 50th year Anniversary Design Competition of the University of Arkansas. The project was especially significant given that the Fine Arts Building was designed by Edward Durrell Stone, a canonic modern American architect who was a Fayetteville, Arkansas native.
The artwork was from the early years of the department, comprising student work in early modern aesthetic trends, exploring form, color, plane and space. A special feature was pieces of sculpture form Alexander Calder, which were acquired by Edward Stone and was originally thought "broken" when boxes were opened up by superintendents.

Our design aimed to reflect the student work in architectural form in a series of folded partition panels that would organize the exhibition flow and re-organize the landscape in front of the gallery. As the panels penetrated the glass of the showroom, they created a visual unity between the garden and the interiors, enriching the spatial experience with a an element of surprise. 

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

University students



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