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The Blue Mezze Bar - Upper East Side

Our design The Blue Mezze Bar is the sister restaurant of A la Turka which is blocks away on 2nd avenue and 77th street. Our design team transported the best of the Aegean culture and aesthetics to NY through applications of glazed brick tiles, walnut paneling, custom upholstery and marble-clad bar counters, creating a sophisticated yet welcoming Mediterranean ambiance. ​

The main space was divided by two bulky columns that our design "danced" around, creating a fluid circulation and spatial interplay. The flamenco dancer print, designed by our creative director Kerry Robertson, complemented the walnut cladding on the columns, creating the ultimate focal point of the dining space. ​ Special thanks to Elif Fotocan for her design efforts from Izmir, Turkey. Principal designer Selim Vural, photos Kate Glicksberg, millwork Quarter Sawn Group, printing Duggal Imaging

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Kerry Robertson

Elif Fotocan





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