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Austin Nichols Penthouse - Rooftop condo renovation in Williamsburg

   In the heart of Williamsburg, the completion of our latest residential design has brought a unique contemporary loft to life within the historic Austin Nichols House, one of the neighborhood's oldest buildings.
This 2-bed, 2-bath penthouse, once dark and cramped, has been transformed atop this seven-story landmarked warehouse. Featuring ample outdoor space and stunning East River views, the renovation included opening up the kitchen, uncovering previously walled-up windows, relocating a bathroom, and creating a loft-like open space by integrating the home office into the living room.
   The kitchen, with its stone and wood-clad island, now serves as the central feature, offering flexible seating for six and becoming a gathering space for our client’s young family. This design choice, reflecting a growing trend of eliminating traditional dining rooms, resulted in a spacious open-plan living area flooded with natural light and panoramic river views.
   Our client's exceptional interior design skills have further elevated this apartment to world-class status. Thank you, Jami, for your remarkable contribution.

Slatted white oak panels, Calacatta Ceasar stone countertops, warm "Venice" terrazzo tiles, and soothing wallpapers created this modern oasis. A 36” TV tucks silently into a built-in play station and bookcase for the kids. The home office can be closed off with noise-reducing, glass-paneled doors without losing an ounce of natural light. Another invention was our retractable island cabinets to allow for leg space. In our residential designs flexibility is often preferred to established functions no longer prominent in modern life.
Below the photos are some study renderings from our design process, diligently thought out to deliver the best for our clients. Mitchell Dennis and crew at DSA Builders delivered top-notch construction at every detail of the project. Thank you. 

Principal Architect

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Rima Askin

Ceren Kalayci








Art Director / Ceramics

Kerry Robertson


Kate Glicksberg

General Contractor

Mitchell Dennis & Crew 

DSA Builders

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