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Arab Spring Monument - a tribute

This is our monument designed as a tribute for the fallen heroes of the Arab Spring, fighting for the most fundamental human right: freedom.
In December 2010 Mohammed Bouazizi, a 26-year-old fruit seller in the Sidi Bouzid town of Tunisia performed self-immolation in a tragic protest of government corruption. This event not only instigated colossal protests in the Arab world, but it also marked the beginning of the end of an era of autocracy, plagued the land for millennia. 

As Studio Vural, we were moved by the tragic self-immolation of Bouazizi, and the cry for freedom of the Tunisian youth. The cry that started in Tunisia with Bouazizi's flames found its sculptural form in our monument designed initially for Tahrir Square and intended for every liberated city in the Arab world from autocracy & corruption.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA

Project team

Serdar Vardar



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