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From a mound in a meadow to Egyptian pyramids on sand, humans have built to remember, mourn & commemorate. The monument for the dead has historically been a significant force in our building instinct.


For our memorial to “the forgotten war”, we investigated the typology of burial grounds such as the tumulus and the step-pyramid (ziggurat), which surface in numerous cultures from Meso-America to the steppes of Central Asia. A tumulus is a simple mound that contains the body of the deceased. (No wonder Adolf Loos called it the fundamental form of architecture.) Ziggurats & step-pyramids were also shrines/tombs that had quintessential value of commemoration.


Our project therefore is an invention of a new typology; a hollow ziggurat in a tumulus. Our tumuli are located on a meadow with trenches. A path cuts through, separating two halves in which  more intimate commemoration can occur. The Pershing Memorial is located on the 15th street plaza. The long strips of landscaping offer seasonal effects from tulip fields to wild grasses. There is sufficient amount of peripheral lawns & hardscape to make our project a user-friendly, educating and spiritual structure of commemoration. Our design The Meadow is a timeless remembrance of “the forgotten war”.


Project Designer: Pär Bratt
Design Principal: Selim Vural