Mavi Jeans is a young denim company based in Istanbul serving Europe, Canada, Australia and US. Their global operations run from their offices at Midtown Manhattan which was designed by Studio Vural. 

A young, relaxed, simple and cultured design direction was developed and implemented. Studio Vural project managed all stages of the project. 

After our design, staff is happier, clients impressed and sales climbing. 


Design principal: Selim Vural

Project design: Giulia Guida

Procurement and details: Elif Fotocan

Showroom Details: Ekrem Sungur

Renderings: Elif Fotocan, Giulia  Guida

Photos: Kate Gllicksberg

Construction: Exact Contracting; Nue, Dean, Vinny, Carmine

Building manager: Joe Erato

and all-star Mavi Team, thank you.