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This project is an experimental project designed by Selim Vural, prior to the foundation of Studio Vural in 2005. At the time Mr. Vural was providing independent design services for the firm Skidmore Owen and Merrill Architects.
SOM's early modern contribution to the history of American architecture is undisputable, however this contribution may have flourished under the umbrella of Miesian paths paved for the architects of the time. Mr. Vural's involvement with the firm with a liking of its foundation period buildings, especially the Lever House on Park Avenue was the generative force behind this project.
The architectural idea was to take Lever House and transform it with imaginary void-making formations, carving out much needed public space by re-interpreting its original public-private dialectic. For this, a series of facade studies were conducted, geometic data collected and categorized and transformative operations implemented on its vertical datum. The study later extended out to neighboring buildings and horizontal surfaces.The results were liberating, at the very least, from the established real estate "value" system and at a very pragmatic level, publicizing for the dense downtown fabric.
SOM surely was not billed for the study!