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HYBRID HOUSE xtr - a sustainable, all-electric single-family home for the remote worker

Hybrid House XTR  is a spec house with extremely sustainable features designed by Studio Vural for the off-the-grid dwellers of Hudson Valley.

Hybrid House XTR is not only built with a combination of prefabricated and customized components for cost-effective construction but is powerfully sustainable with a super-insulating green roof, a solar field with powerful batteries, and a geothermal system, which harvests the thermal efficiency of soil 30 feet below by running water through it. All of this enables the user to eliminate utility bills and achieve near-zero carbon footprint other than the production and delivery of the building materials. 

Hybrid House XTR is a streamlined eco-design for the remote-working city dweller looking to explore the country in a contemporary setting. Lack of boiler breakdowns guaranteed.
If you are searching for a spot near or far, let us know, since land is being purchased for the first bundle of houses to be sold in 2024. Turn-key or design only options are available.

Design principal

Selim Vural, AIA




Under Development

Design team

Rima Askin (design & drawings)

Efecan Zeybek (design & renderings)

Toprak Sahin (design)

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