Hungry Ghost Cafe on Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn is a SUBTRACTION PROJECT, in that it subtracts a portion of the damage the construction industry has inflicted on nature by generating more oxygen than it utilizes, absorbs more co2 than it exhales, and generates only biodegradable waste that is fit for organic farming.

The largest and most prominent portion of our project is a live green wall, buzzing with life and color. Hungry Ghost Dekalb is a physical construct of our belief that if technology is equipped with proper legislation, civilization can not only build jungles to live in but can turn metropolises into sheer forestry, humming with digitized soft-bodies as natural as any organic being.

Hungry Ghost Dekalb as a Subtraction Project is a testament to the end of the petroleum era. 

The build-out is an artful espresso bar with antiqued gray cabinets, a white quartz counter top and walnut panels landing on a 8 inch cement tile floor.


Design principal: Selim Vural 

Design & 3D: Aslihan Kazanci