This is our tribute design for the fallen heros of the Arab Spring, fighting for a basic human right: freedom.
In December 2010 Mohammed Bouazizi, a 26 year old fruit seller in the Sidi Bouzid town of Tunisia performed self-immolation in a tragic protest of government corruption. This event not only instigated colossal protests in the Arab world, it also marked the beginning of the end of an era of autocracy, implanted by western colonialism almost a century ago.
As Studio Vural, we were moved by these tragic events and the cry of the human heart for freedom and dignity. The cry that started in Tunisia with Bouazizi's flames found its sculptural form in our monument designed initially for Tahrir Square and eventually intended for every city liberated in the Arab world from autocracy and corruption.
A geometric arabesque pattern was used as a generative element in the formal creation of our project. Our main elements were; performance platforms with four different levels, numerous internet stations, walkways, benches and finally 3 geometric towers at the center. The memorial is made of 2 basic materials; a rough concrete shell and alabaster stone slabs, a local stone of the area. Alabaster slabs at the core of the 3 towers are backlit at night for remembrance of the flames that brough about this revolution. The rest of the monument is illuminated by solar panels, efficient especially given sunny nature of the climate
Project designer: Serdar Vardar,
Design Principal: Selim Vural