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247 Water Street, Suite 304, Brooklyn, NY 11201 718 243 1287 -
Studio Vural is a licensed architecture & interior design firm with a focus on design and innovation.
We design houses, condo buildings, brownstones & apartments with intelligent, artful solutions that create nurturing homes with seamless functionality.
We design restaurants, cafes & retail stores with distinguished branding, memorable aesthetics and effortless flow.
The well balanced interplay of volume, plane, texture and color of our designs get equipped with sustainable construction methods that keep carbon foot print, clean energy generation and materiality in mind. 
Through diligent DOB packages, construction drawings and project management we ensure projects get built in time, on budget and most importantly with unique character.
Unlike many firms, intelligence, beauty & function blend seamlessly in our work. 
At Studio Vural, we will cast your dreams in concrete.