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68 Jay Street, Suite 911, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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Build your dreams in concrete.
Studio Vural is a licensed architecture & interior design firm with a laser focus on innovation.

We design houses, condo buildings, brownstones & apartments with intelligent, artful solutions that marry aesthetics and functionality. After working with us, our clients not only feel at home, they feel inspired. We hate cookie cutters; our passion is to create unique spaces which custom fit our clients. Differences in personality, lifestyle and cultural background of our clients get blended in our design as a versatile ingredient, enriching the final product in unexpected ways.

In addition to residences, we design restaurants, cafes & retail stores with distinguished branding, memorable aesthetics and effortless circulation. Our commercial projects empower businesses not only through great design but also through publicity and marketing.

Regarding materials and construction, we are earthy and simple. The uniqueness and complexity of our projects come from well-balanced interaction of simple components. Calibrated interplay of volume, plane, line and color are put into play with precise details for a firm, enduring construction. 

Unlike many firms, we know  great design emerges from the effortless balance of intelligence, beauty & utility, it is a balance we dream to achieve in every project.
@studiovural - we cast dreams in concrete.